Aromatherapy and Bespoke Blends

Aromatherapy Definition:
Aromatherapy entails the mindful and careful use of essential oils for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Aromatherapy is considered a complementary health modality because it can be used as a way to complement other health practices when done carefully, sensibly and with proper knowledge and professional training.

Essential oils can be blended together to create appealing and complex aromas. Essential oils can also be mixed for a specific therapeutic application, for example reflexology, massage or bath soak. Essential oils that are carefully combined with a specific therapeutic purpose in mind within the scope of aromatherapy may be referred to as an essential oil synergy. A synergistic essential oil blend is considered to be greater in total action than each oil working independently.

As a clinical aromatherapist, one of the best things I love about my job is creating a bespoke blend to my clients. It involves asking questions about your current well-being and how you would like to feel after the treatment. I will offer you a choice of 100% pure essential oils. I will have chosen them by their therapeutic properties and to reflect what you have asked for. Plus, I will consider the overall aromatic experience. It is little bit of detective work, intuition and knowledge combined to help enhance and restore your health & beauty.

A bespoke blend made on the spot for the client is different from receiving a treatment using pre blended aromatherapy. We all have preferred scents we like and dislike, ranging from woody, floral, citrusy, earthy, minty, spicy, herbaceaus.. A preblended oil cannot be altered for therapeutic use.

When you visit a qualified aromatherapist your choices of oils are unique to you and may vary from visit to visit. I only purchase carrier oils and essential oils from aromatherapy council certified British companies. This means the standard of oils is always guaranteed and I can pass that quality and value to my clients.  As your therapist I will also give you after care advise, suggest natural products or other complimentary therapies to help you feel the best version of you.