Useful essential oils and herbs for Summer

Summertime means holidays and relaxation but it can also bring on mosquito bites, rashes, sunburn, blisters, hayfever, headaches… Below I’ve listed herbs and aromatherapy oils useful for treating these conditions naturally.

Sunburn-Rashes-Dry Skin 

Sooth the skin with cooling and healing Aloe Vera gel or Calendula (marigold) cream. I keep these in the fridge to add more cooling effect and always try to buy 100% active ingredient Aloe gel and pure Calendula cream.

Insect Repellant  

Lemon and Eucalyptus are the best scents to keep mosquitos and other bugs from bothering you. You can add these oils to a oil burner when having an outdoor party or mix couple drops to almond or other carrier oil to make a blend for your skin.

Hayfever and Headaches

To ease sinus pain, headaches and reduce inflammation, a cup of chamomile tea can bring much needed relief. When its hot you could drink herbal teas cold or with ice. To ease breathing you can use eucalyptus or pine oils by adding them to a bath, steam inhalation or spritzing in the shower.


Verrucas, atheletes foot, odors, boils and cold sores

Time to get some tea tree! This oil deserves a permanent spot in your bathroom cabinet as a natural fungicide, antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial remedy. Dab directly to the affected area or if you have sensitive skin mix tea tree with little base oil or cream. For sweaty feet and fungal diseases of the feet, add tea tree to a foot bath for refreshing, infection fighting treatment.