Infertility and Reflexology

Are you trying to conceive? Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and want some time for yourself? Holistic treatments and reflexology may provide the help you need..

How can fertility reflexology help?

Reflexology works on the principle that we have reflexes on our feet which correspond to all organs and systems in our body. By ‘working’ those reflexes through specialised massage techniques, a reflexologist helps to correct imbalances throughout the body, release blocked energy and induce a feeling of deep relaxation.  In addition, having someone impartial to confide in who is there just for you in a safe, confidential space can allow some of those feelings of worry and anxiety to be reduced.

Will it help me get pregnant?

Fertility reflexology can have a huge impact on how you take charge of your fertility and approach your experiences.  It is a choice that you make. Combined with other positive lifestyle changes it can create a really powerful combination which is likely to increase your chances of conception. Even with clients who are going through assisted conception, like IVF,  fertility reflexology can support them by helping them stay relaxed, calm and with lower stress levels than if they went through it without this support.

How many treatments are recommended?

This varies from client to client, as everyone is an individual. In general, I would recommend regular fortnightly treatments for a least the first 3 months to allow reflexology to do what it does best, rebalance and heal the body through reducing stress and providing relaxation.

Want to know more or to book your first reflexology treatment? Please get in touch for more advise and support via here. I am fully qualified and professional holistic therapist and reflexologist based in Wigmore, Gillingham.