Lymphatic drainage massage for winter wellbeing

Boost your immunity and increase energy


Lymphatic drainage massage requires special training, has a very light touch, and pays particular attention to assist the lymphatic system, which is the body’s waste disposal system. It also helps clear fluids that may be stuck in different parts of the body ant are not draining away.

The body may become clogged and blocked because the lymphatic system isn’t functioning 100%, therefore when you are tired or ill it can become sluggish, and an excess of waste material can remain at different sites in the body.

The lymphatic drainage massage helps move the lymph (fluid of the lymphatic system) along the drainage sites and stimulates the lymph nodes (processing plants of the lymph and immune reactions), cleaning out the system. 

This can be very beneficial for people who have sluggish skins, have had lymph nodes removed through cancer treatment or suffer from fluid accumulation.

Lymphatic drainage massage is also very good from time to time as a process of cleansing and decongesting the body, eliminating toxins and allowing the body systems to flow naturally, particularly if you are doing a body detox.

The great thing about lymphatic drainage is that once excess waste has been drained, it leaves more room for oxygenated blood, white blood cells and healing repair mechanisms to carry out their important job.


Lymphatic drainage massage is a very gentle treatment and clients often fall asleep during the session. This is a fully tailored treatment, adjusted to where you need the drainage most and can also include foot reflexology. A super cleanse aromatherapy blend of lemon, fennel, rosemary and grapefruit with pure grapeseed oil is used for the massage.

You can read more about this wonderful treatment here and view prices 

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  1. Tracy Robinson on January 25, 2024 at 7:45 pm

    Hi I have had major surgery and was told to look for lympathic drainage massage. Can you tell me your prices please
    I have had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck

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