Massage and Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy has great benefits for both the mother and baby. It is important to note that pregnancy massage is not about indulgence. It really is about taking good care of a body that is undergoing huge shifts and changes in order to support and accommodate a growing baby.  The side effect of all these changes, can result in aches, pains and discomfort throughout the entire body. Remedial-focused pregnancy massage looks to assist in relieving muscular pain and discomfort, including common complaints like lower back and pelvic pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain and swollen heavy legs.    

Massage also has a positive effect on stress and mood and can improve the quality of your sleep and overall vitality.

A qualified pregnancy massage therapist uses safe, gentle techniques aimed at relaxing and unwinding tightness and tension in muscles.  Your therapist can adjust the strength and tempo of the massage depending on your needs, whilst always remaining safe and comfortable, both for you and your baby. You are safe to book a massage after the 1 st trimester and continue having treatments until the last week of pregnancy.

The massage table will be set up with plenty of pillows and bolsters to make you feel comfortable and fully enjoy the treatment. Pregnancy back massage is always done the client lying sideways and slightly upright. For a more pampering experience you could add a body scrub, foot scrub or facial to your massage or combine it with pregnancy reflexology.