Massage and Spa Sessions Explained

Are you new to holistic therapies or maybe want to find out what happens during a massage or spa treatment? Here I’ll briefly explain the most common therapies and body treatments and their benefits to you.

How do I choose the right treatment for me?

There are variety of massage techniques and spa treatments to pick from these days and sometimes this can confuse or even overwhelm you. You may be tempted by exotic names or daily deals but it is good to bear in mind what you want to achieve from your treatment and what your body actually craves for.


All massage therapies should leave you feeling more relaxed, less tense, de-stressed and more balanced in the mind and body.

  • Holistic and Swedish massage uses slow, flowing moves and helps to ease muscle aches without being too painful.
  • Deep tissue massage concentrates on releasing hardened knots and tightened spots with firm pressure and stretching of the muscles.
  • For more vigorous and energetic work you may want to try Shiatsu, Thai or Chinese Tui Na massage.
  • Hot Stones therapy combines heated, smooth stones with massage to increase circulation and leaves you feeling grounded and calm
  • Aromatherapy uses essential oils to activate your sense of smell and increase your sense of well-being. Choosing the right mix of oils for your treatment can help you feel more emotionally balanced and relaxed


A facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger. Facials are great for both men & women and usually include the following steps during the treatment:

Consultation and skin analysis, double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, facial mask, moisturise with toner and after care advise. Full 1hr or longer facials also include neck, shoulders and scalp massage.


Spa treatments for your body cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin, making it silky smooth in a way you just can’t do as well — or as completely — at home. Skin is the largest organ of our body and taking care of it will assist in removing waste products and boost your immunity.

Body Brushing uses a dry brush to remove dead skin cells and softens the skin whilst improving circulation and boosting your lymphatic system.It is gently exfoliating and energising treatment.

Body Scrub uses sugar or salt based scrubs to cleanse and exfoliate and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated

Body Mask and Wraps can be used to cleanse, moisturise or detoxify your skin. The treatment will begin with body brushing and scrub to prepare the skin for the mask. The product will usually be left on skin at least 30mins and you’ll be wrapped up in towels or spa foil blankets to stay warm whilst your therapist performs a relaxing head or face massage.

It is useful to ask few questions and enquire about the treatment before making your first appointment. If you feel like trying something different, your therapist can offer you an express or mini version of the treatment to introduce the therapy to you.