Should I have a massage when sick?

I get asked this question a lot during autumn and winter months;  I have a it still ok to have a massage?  My answer to clients usually is.., it depends how long you’ve been feeling sick and if you have temperature.  Massage is great for releasing toxins and reducing aches but if you’ve just caught a bug and can’t get out of bed it’s best to stay at home and reschedule your treatment.  If you are coughing and have blocked sinuses you’ll struggle to feel comfortable on the massage table and lying face down.

Once you are over the worst, have returned to work or its been a week since you first felt ill, I am happy to book you back in.  In massage sessions, I regularly use aromatherapy blends containing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties like oils of pine, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and cypress. Applying these oils provide relief from symptoms and can speed up your recovery process. Its preferable to have a relaxing therapeutic massage and leave the deep tissue work for another date.


Guideline is:

  1. If you have a fever – stay home. Massage increases circulation and will overheat your body.
  2. If you know you’re contagious – stay home.
  3. If you’re already nauseous, even slightly – stay home. Massage will only increase this feeling with the release of new toxins in the system.

Outside of these, come on in and  I’ll hopefully have you feeling better quickly.