Summertime Skincare Tips

Summer.. the season to relax, take holidays, swim and sunbathe. Whilst we are enjoying the warm weather and spending more time outdoors its essential to look after our skin and keep it healthy.

I have gathered these useful tips to help you look after your skin and feel fabulous this summer.


  1. Don’t forget your lips.. You also need to apply sunscreen to your lips and use a lip balm if your lips feel dry
  2. Use a hydrating mist on your face and a cooling spray on your legs if they feel heavy. Boots and Superdrug stock their own good value face and foot products  and these are easy to have in your hand bag when the weather gets hot or when you’re travelling
  3. Bug bites.. the best natural cure for insect bites is Tea Tree essential oil.  Apply oil to affected area for immediate relief from itching, inflammation, swelling, burning and to clean the bite spot
  4. Moisturise sun burns and hot rashes with Aloe Vera gel. Keep your gel in the fridge for extra cooling effect and use anywhere on face, under eyes and body
  5. Hydrate your skin from the inside out.. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and especially watermelon which is high in water and is full of skin nourishing A + C vitamins
  6. Having a staycation and want to destress quickly? Book in for a relaxing treatment or a spa package and give your mind & body the TLC it needs..